This Carrot Syrup Will Eliminate Flu, Phlegm, Cough, Throat Discomfort and Colds

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Carrots are an extremely healthy veggie and are the main ingredient in the syrup we present today. This carrot syrup is effective against the cold and the flu and will improve your overall health. We all love and use carrots in our everyday cooking but now we’ll show you how to use it to protect your health.

Aside from its impressive skin and eye benefits, carrots are super effective in treating respiratory diseases, including the common cold, the flu and the persistent cough as a result of the high amount of vitamin C and B complex which strengthen our immune system. This syrup will help you in case of a cold or the flu, constipation, chronic inflammation and pain and tension.

Health benefits of the carrot syrup

Carrots are nutrient-dense, containing vitamins A, C, and K as well as high levels of potassium.

Experts have long known that vitamin A plays a role in infection and maintaining mucosal surfaces (like your lungs) by influencing certain subcategories of T cells and B cells and cytokines.

Vitamin C had a reputation for boosting the immune system.

Mix in a little honey for antiviral and antibacterial properties. Honey will also coat the throat, making your sore throat less sore and more easy to manage.

Adding a bit of ginger will also help reduce inflammation and ease the pain.

Carrot Cough Syrup

It’s actually quite sweet and easy to stomach!


– 2 medium carrots
– 1 medium lemon
– Half a cup of honey
– A glass container with a lid


Insert the carrot cut into slices in the glass jar, add the lemon and honey and let it rest for 24 hours before starting its consumption.

Consume a spoonful of this syrup twice a day or if you like take it as a kind of tea, by diluting the same amount in a cup of warm water.

This remedy in addition to fighting the cold and the flu, it is worth the consumption of the many benefits it has, among which we can find the following:

– Improves intestinal function and relieves constipation

– Alleviates acidity, gastritis and acid reflux

– Preserves your teeth’s natural enamel and prevents cavities

– Boosts your energy levels

– Supports bones, joints and muscle health

– Helps with kidney stones

– Preserves good eye-sight and prevents twilight blindness

– Improves the quality of your nails, skin and hair.


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