The Exercise That Replaces 1000 Crunches: The 60 Seconds Wonder

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Crunches are the most hated, but also one of the most useful exercises. Everyone wants a flat and firm stomach. Fortunately, fitness experts have found a solution which, they claim can replace a 1,000 crunches.

It is a static exercis where endurance is the key, because all the weight of the body is on the hands and toes, and the body is straight as an arrow.

While performing this exercise the body cannot move an inch. Plank is a sure way to get a flat and firm stomach, but it can also eliminate back pain, because strong abdominal muscles support the spine.

If you perform this exercise several times a week for ten minutes you will achieve better results than if you were doing 1000 crunches.

You should do three sets of 60 seconds, every time.

When the performance of exercise becomes too easy for you, increase your planking time.

The Exercise

– First you should place your hands with elbows on the ground and feet straight. Your head should be 11 inches from the floor.
– Keep your legs straight. Support your body weight on your hands and toes.
– Tighten your abs and stay in that position for 60 seconds.
– Rest.
– Repeat. Do three sets of 60 seconds. If you can, try staying in that position for more than 60 seconds or just increase your holding time.

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