Learn How To Cleanse 30 Pounds Of Toxins Accumulated in Your Colon

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One of the most important things is to cleanse the intestines of parasites, fecal deposits and mucus if you want to get rid of diseases. Did you know that human body actually processes 40,000l of liquid and hundred tons of food.

You should definitely know that more than 30 pounds of waste and fecal deposits are damaging or body because the blood becomes poisoned be the presence of toxins.

Poor condition of the hair, nails, skin, disrupted metabolism, excessive weight, liver disease, kidney disease, permanent constipation, diabetics, arthritis and cancer develop if our intestines do not work properly.

40-50cm – small part of the colon can be actually cleaned by a cure named enema, but it is very expensive and it could be harmful to your gut flora.

How To Clean The Colon From The Accumulated Toxins Naturally?

However, the safest way to maintain healthy colon function is to try to remove the waste materials on a natural way.

Joint and muscle pain

– Vaginal infections, bladder problems, skin rashes, poor immunity
– Depression, fatigue, memory losses, brain fog, mood swing, anxiety

Recipe to clean your colon:

Maple Syrup Cleanser of the Colon


– maple syrup (two tablespoons, organic, grade B)
– cayenne pepper (organic, ½ teaspoon)
– filtered water (12 ounces)
– lemon, (one, organic and freshly squeezed)


Mix well and drink 4 times a day on an empty stomach for 2 weeks.


Be sure to eat a slow-carb diet with any cleanse despite what common juicing trends suggest.

If you drink nothing but juice/colon cleanse for a week, you’ll lose weight, but it’s because you’re not eating, not because your body is “detoxing”. Water is stored in your muscles with glycogen. When you eat a low-calorie diet, you use up those glycogen stores, and lose the water weight with it.

You’ll gain that water weight right back when you return to your normal diet. You’re also missing out on all those other vital nutrients like fat, fiber, and protein. In fact, some cleanses suggest that you avoid exercise when you’re on them because your caloric intake is so low—which leads to fatigue and dizziness.


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