Know The Herb That Is a Thousand Times, More Powerful Than Chemotherapy and Ends Cancer, Without Damaging The Organism

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We know that it makes you curious to learn which herb is the one that handles this subject, we are speaking about dandelion tea treatment many diseases such as cancer and in just 2 days. It likewise stops future cancer dangers. This is healthy and medicinal. This is also simple to do. In the past, this tea was a universal remedy. Now this root cures cancer.

They were quickly the same specialists said that dandelion is good to eliminate cancer and is better than chemotherapy.

A study by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of Canada stated that this root ends cancer and leaves healthy cells intact. Dandelion also kills cancer in just 2 days.

And the specialists approved it. The 72-year-old man John DiCarlo had gain from this root. He had actually cancer and treated him for nearly a month. But something changed when he tasted the dandelion tea. I was in remission after 4 months.

Health benefits: the best ends cancer

To name a few elements, the dandelion contains vitamins A, B and C, folic acid, potassium, silicon, iron and tannins. Thanks to its composition, we highlight its primary properties:

Depurative: Cleans our body of contaminants. Therefore we advise it specifically for those illness that require removing toxins, such as cholesterol, uric acid or gout, diabetes, kidney stones, and so on

It is diuretic: So it assists us to eliminate liquids and prevent their retention. It is especially suitable for cases of obesity due to excess fluid (when you see that the individual is inflamed).

Hepatoprotective: Safeguards the liver and gallbladder naturally promoting its function, so it can be really helpful in cases of hepatitis.

Improves the functioning of the kidneys, facilitating urine and helping to avoid cystitis and urethritis. It improves the digestive process and opens the appetite, ideal for cases of inappetence or anorexia.

It acts as a mild laxative

Enhances the condition of the skin in problems such as pimples, acne, urticaria, psoriasis, and so on and also enhancing wound recovery.

It has relaxing properties of circulatory issues of the extremities thanks to its material in tannins, so it is helpful in cases of varicose veins and piles.

It keeps our hair and skin healthy thanks to its silicon content. Its iron content makes it an exceptional remedy to prevent and treat anemia.

How do we take it?

The most typical way to take dandelion is by infusion, boiling the leaves and the root of the plant. We can drain to 3 cups a day. To make a great depurative cure, we suggest keeping this dose in between one and 3 months, depending upon the case.

Extract: The extract, which we can buy directly in herbalists and some dietetics, has the very same properties as the infusion, however with more concentration, so it is extremely helpful if we want to bring out a more comprehensive filtration or to deal with a few of the problems of health that we have actually commented formerly.

You can likewise put the extract in a bottle of water to drink it throughout the day and hence improve its diuretic properties.

Many individuals are unaware that this wild plant is edible. If we have the chance to take their tender leaves, we can add them to salads, tortillas and even make a pesto sauce with them, mixing them with other plants such as basil or arugula.

It is essential to keep in mind that it has a slightly bitter taste, which is exactly exactly what confirms its properties for the liver, so we will not add it in large amounts.


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