This Bronchitis Home Remedy Uses Honey And Banana To Ease Cough

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You can treat you kids of bronchitis and cough making use of 100% natural ingredients and in the comfort of your home.

When combined the ingredients will help to relieve your kid’s lungs of any congestion in an effective and safe manner.

The remedy will also provide relief from a sore throat and flu symptoms. This is what you need to prepare a homemade cough and bronchitis remedy.


– Banana (partially ripe) – 2
– Organic honey – 2 tbsps
– Water (boiled) – 400 ml

Preparing The Remedy

Preparation: Peel off the bananas and then mash them with the help of a wooden fork. Then, mix them with the boiling water and leave the content to steep for half an hour. Afterwards, add the honey and strain the content into another container.

Use: You need to consume 100 ml, 4 times per day.

Important to Note:

– The first visible results will occur within 5 days.
– This cure is safe for both children and adults.


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